Bioproduction safety

The safety of vaccines and other biological products is essential for industry and regulatory agencies. Reagents and materials used in the manufacturing process, especially those derived from animals, pose risks of introducing adventitious agents (viral, bacterial, or fungal contaminants) into the manufacturing process.


To ensure product safety, extensive testing is performed using various in vitro and in vivo tests. While generally effective, conventional tests have inherent limitations that may lead to adventitious agents being missed, highlighting the need for new virus detection technologies.


Explify offers a new approach for adventitious agent testing:

  • Identifies any known virus or emerging virus using comprehensive and curated databases of all known viruses
  • Detects viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Identifies unknown microorganisms without requiring prior knowledge of potential targets

Companion diagnostics

Novel antimicrobial agents often target specific pathogens. To determine which patients will most benefit from novel therapeutics, clinicians need to accurately and specifically identify those targeted pathogens.


Companion diagnostics developed on the Explify Platform enable the accurate identification of specific pathogens in patient samples that can potentially guide more efficient treatment decisions.

Clinical trials

Conducting clinical trials for novel antimicrobial drugs requires the rapid and accurate identification of target patients.


The Explify Platform enables pharmaceutical companies to quickly identify the appropriate patients to enroll and the diagnostic tools to manage clinical trials.