Explify Platform

A solution enabling laboratories to utilize NGS-based metagenomics testing for infectious disease

From sample preparation to report delivery, the Explify Platform manages laboratory workflow, analyzes metagenomics data, and provides applications for review, quality control and reporting. The Explify Platform offers laboratories a streamlined path to offering unbiased, NGS-based Infectious Disease tests that are more comprehensive, and more accurate than conventional tests.

Identify more than 50,000 microorganisms and over 6,000 known common and rare pathogens

Explify Platform utilizes a proprietary database of curated DNA and RNA reference sequences to identify:

  • 35,000+ viruses
  • 13,000+ bacteria
  •  4,000+  fungi
  • 150+ parasites

Accurate pathogen detection

The Explify Platform uses identification thresholds and reporting criteria to help ensure results are accurate and relevant to the syndrome being tested. The Explify Review Portal enables easy-to-use, interactive review of sequencing data leading to organism identification together with a comprehensive summary quality metrics. By putting all relevant sequencing data at the fingertips of laboratory staff in a visual and intuitive way, the Review Portal application removes barriers for analysis and interpretation of NGS data.

High-quality results

Customized internal and external controls are part of the Explify Platform to ensure consistent performance and result interpretation using validated QC criteria. The Explify Workflow Manager software helps reduce errors and simplifies complex laboratory workflows.